Surf's UP Manual

This is manual of ‘Surf’s UP (v1.0.x)’.
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“Surfrs alarm - Surf’s UP” is an alarm clock app that can calculate the time of dawn and sunrise and set an alarm.
The location information is got at the place where the alarm is set, and the dawn and sunrise times at that location are automatically calculated.

Set the alarm


(1) Show the dawn and sunrise time at the current location. Tap it to set the alarm time.

(2) Adjust the set alarm time. Those buttons can be adjusted in 1-minute increments by tapping and in 10-minute increments by tapping and holding.

(3) Register the alarm with the shown date and time.

(4) Previously adjusted alarm information is saved, and when tapped it, that saved information is registerd to the alarm.

(5) This is current location information. You can check the location on the map app when tap here.

(6) Pop up the alarm settings.

Reset the alarm


(1) Show the alarm sound and the number of repetitions.

(2) Cancel the alarm.

Alarm settings


(1) Set the number of alarm repetitions to be set.

(2) Set the alarm sound to be set.

(3) Play and check the currently set alarm sound.

(4) Launch the tide app “e-tide” and check the tide graph. If it is not installed, You can download it here.

(5) Show this document in a browser.

Special thanks

This app has made using the following open source library.

  • RxSwift
  • RxCocoa
  • RxGesture
  • RAMPaperSwitch

This app’s wake-up sounds has made using the following site data.

This app’s any icons has made using the following site data.

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