SurfTideDeltaWidget for Android Manual

This is manual of ‘SurfTideDeltaWidget for Android’.
Please contact me if there are any questions.

SurfTideΔ for Android widget is installed separately from the app. To use this widget please install from the following.

If alredy installed, you can select “SurfTideDeltaWidget” from the device’s widget list and add it to the home screen. After the addition, a dialog for selecting the place is showed and then you can adjust the size of the widget as you like. Recommend a size of widget that is as close to a square as possible.
You can be registered multiple widgets. Once you register the place of widget can not be changed. To change the place, please delete the target widget and add the widget again.


This widget regularly updates content using service of Android. The service starts automatically, but the OS may be killed the service on the status of the device.
While running the service, the content is updated automatically, but it stops updating automatically when stopped. In that case, you can restart the service by tapping the widget. (Multiple widgets need taps for each)


This widget updates the contents automatically every 10 minutes for tide, and every 30 minutes for weather forecast . Also it automatically updates even when you turn on the device screen. While turn off the device screen, all updates are stopped.
Tap on the widget to update manually.(Long tap is changed to resize mode.)

For the weather forecast, the widget uses the latest cache of the weather server. So, the update time (WHETHER: ) shown in the widget depends on the cache of the server.
Weather forecast content update may be delayed from several seconds up to 1 minute depending on communication status. If it is displayed as “N/A” and it does not update after tapping please wait for a while and show it again.

By tapping “More …” on the upper right of the widget you can launch the app version of “SurfTideΔ”. If “SurfTideΔ” is not installed, you can launch and install the Google Plain store.
(SurfTideΔ v 1.0.3 or higher is recommended)

The weather forecast contents are as follows from the top.

  • Time (6 hours from current time)
  • Weather icon
  • Temperature (℃)
  • Wave direction icon
  • Wave height (significant wave height meter)
  • Wind direction icon
  • Wind speed (m/s)

SurfTideDeltaWidget Final beta version

As of March 2020, Released version is latest.

The following is the test version (final beta v1.2.0-R4).
It have tested it enough but please use at your own risk.
To install, tap here from your Android device (available for Android 6.0 or higher). “Install unknown app” must be turned on with dialog.
If your Android is Android 7 and Lower, you need to turn on the “Unknown Sources” setting from “Settings> Security” in your device beforehand.

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