Let's Surfing for iOS Manual v1.0.0

This is manual of ‘Let’s Surfing for iOS’.(日本語マニュアルはこちら
Please contact me if there are any questions. And also check here as well.
In addition, Here is a site that can share the QR code. Anyone can use it for information exchange.


I introduce PocketMetro


You can find Japanese surfing places. About 600 locations are registered in this apps. You can also categorize and add your favorite places.
And you can easily to share your registered places with your friends by QR code.

Find a surfing place


Tap “a” to narrow down the location from the list, and when you selec the area, set the map pin. (Look at “b”)
If you further tap the place from the list, a balloon is showed on the target map pin.
Tap “c” to show detail screen on the place.

“d” is a mark when the apps allows acquisition of the current location information. If it is not permitted it will be a red mark.
If not permitted, you can change setting with iPhones setting. Please check Location serves of privacy setting.

Add place to ‘My Place’


Tap “e” to enter registration mode and show “g” button and “f” center mark. If acquisition of the current location information is permitted, “F” is the current location.
To change the location you want to register, move the map. “F” is always the center of the map.
When you decide where to register, tap “g”. and then transit to the input screen.

In the input screen, the green frame part is the input part.
Input of “Category” can be entered directly or selected from past categories. Tap to select input or selection.
“Name of place” is tapped and entered directly.
Input of “Additional” also can be entered directly or selected. If set the off shore direction for surfing place, to choose from list.
Maximum input characters are limited to 100 characters for memos and 32 characters for others.
When “Category” and “Name of place” are inputted you can be register the data.
Tap “h” to register the data. Registration data is categorized and added to “My Place”.

When to tap trash can icon, you can delete data of “My place”.

Share by QR code


QR code is showed on detail screen. Show this QR code to your friends and tap “j” with your friend’s app to read the RQ code.
The scanned data is showed on the detail screen(Screen Shot left). If “My Place” data, you can register as it is.
If you are reading this manual on the PC, try scanning the above RQ code with your apps. You should have read the same data. You can save as it is or edit and save it.

Tap “i” to show the location in the map apps. It can be used when route guidance is necessary.

Let’s send place data


On the detail screen, When you long tap on QR image, you can copy to pasteboard (clipboard) or upload to share-site.
For example, pasting it in Safari launches the apps and shows that data. You can also paste images into email or SNS.

If you share on a share-site, please check again.(case of “K”)
When you upload to share-site, you can put your nickname(“m”). It can be used to find or delete your own data on share-site. Nickname input is optional but It is necessary when deleting.
Your nickname will be not disclosed on the share-site. Please enter within 16 characters.

If you can not delete your own data, please contact me by e-mail.

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