SurfTideΔ for AppleWatch Manual


You can see tide information on your AppleWatch with SurfTideΔ v1.3.1.
You should use WatchOS6 or later.

To use the SurfTideΔ for AppleWatch, you should synchronize the tide data with “Send tide data to Watch” from the app settings.
When the synchronization is completed, the tide data can be shown on your watch alone. You don’t even have to connect your watch to the network.

Sync procedure


It cannot be used unless the watch and iPhone are paired. Click here for how to pairing.

At first, launch the “SurfTideΔ” with your watch. Next, launch the “SurfTideΔ” with your iPhone, and open the setting screen.
If it is possible to synchronize with your watch, “Send tide data to Watch” will be shown in green color, so tap it to synchronize.

Data cannot be synchronized unless your watch “SurfTideΔ” is launched near your iPhone.

The tide data to be synchronized will be the 5 most recently shown on the app. Since synchronization is manual, please synchronize manually whenever this information changes.
After synchronization, the tide information can be shown on the watch alone.

Sync troubleshooting

If you can’t sync, try rebooting your watch and iPhone. The watch will reboot if you press and hold the crown and the button below it at the same time. Please also refer to Apple’s support page.

Operation on the watch


Tap the tide place name at the bottom of the screen to show a list of weather events such as high tide / low tide and sunrise / sunset.
You can select the place by tapping the menu icon at the bottom of the screen. The watch remembers the last shown tide place.

The tide graph is automatically updated every 5 minutes. The tide is calculated on the watch side, so you don’t need to sync with your iPhone if the places doesn’t change.

About tide graph

The tide graph on the watch is a simple display at 40 minute intervals. If you want to check the tide scale and detailed graph, please check with the app.
You can also check detailed information on your watch by using another app “SurfTideWatch”. This app contains about 10,000 tide points around the world.

Complications(Available from v1.3.3)


Various Complications (accessories that can be shown on the dial) can be displayed on the watch. Click here for how to set up Complications.
Depending on the type of Complications the following tide information of the place currently displayed in the watch app can be shown. For example, if the tide next to “江ノ島” is high tide at 16:33 pm, it will be shown as “江ノ島・16:33・HIGH”. Depending on the size of the display area, HIGH tide and LOW tide may be abbreviated as “H” and “L”. The Complications update cycle is every 15 minutes.
Tap the Complications to show the watch tide app.

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